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Supplementary products with Stonhard quality

In addition to the flooring systems set out on this website, Stonhard also produces a comprehensive range of supplementaryproducts.

Stonhard vulmortels, coatings, voegafdichtingen, waterdichte membramen, onderhoudsproducten, linings en muursystemen.

Wide range of supplementary products

Stonhard supplies supplementary products such as epoxy fillers, waterproof membranes, damp - proof sealants, maintenance products and a full range of protective coatings and acid - resistant facings.

Would you like further information about these products? Then please contact Stonhard.


For repairing and packing subfloors and/or before applying sloping screed.


In a range of colours or colourless, epoxy or polyurethane - based (matte or gloss).

Joint sealants

Flexible sealants available in a range of colours for dilatation, insulation and control joints.

Waterproof membranes

The solution for liquid transport in both vertical and horizontal subsurfaces.

Maintenance products

A complete range of cleaning products and a universal antib acterial additive, designed to maintain clean, attractive and hygienic floors.


These systems, available in six forms of chemical resistance, offer the best, long - term protection for damaged surfaces and offerr esistance against the most extreme industrial conditions.
For more information, you can request our linings brochure.

Wall systems

For seamless finishes on walls, full impenetrability and easy cleaning.
Want to familiarise yourself with the Stonhard wallsystems? Please make ano - obligation appointment with one of our advisers in order to discuss the latest techniques and Stonhard’s experience in your sector. Use the Stonhard flooring specialist searchtool to find your specialist.


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