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Stonkleen DG10 low foam rapid cleaner for the cleanest result

Stonkleen is the best low - foam, rapid cleaning agent foryour flooring solution. For

Stonkleen: Keep your floor clean and looking good!

Keep your floor clean and looking good

If you clean your floor in the right way from delivery, youwill maintain and clean a good looking floor for longer. Stonkleen helps you clean all your

Removes all types of dirt

If you wish to clean your synthetic Stonhard floor more thoroughly, then Stonkleen DG10 is your partner in grime. Even the most stubborn stains can be

Stonkleen: Keep your floor clean and looking good!

Environmentally friendly

Stonkleen is bio degradable and is another of Stonhard’s sustainable solutions.

Stonkleen is also extremely concentrated and you can achieve excellent results with even a small amount.

Food - safe

Stonkleen is certified food - safe so can be used in kitchens and within the food industry.

Does not contain soap or polymers

The fact that Stonkleen contains no soap or polymers means As a result, your floor stays smooth and clean for longer.

Daily maintenance and periodic cleaning

Stonkleen is perfectly suitable for daily maintenance. During intensive, periodical cleaning,

Manual or machine cleaning

The composition of Stonkleen means it is suitable for manual scrubbing as well as machine cleaning with a scrubber or a disc - scrubber.

Cleaning your floor effectively

Use Stonkleen DG10 in order to clean your floor effectively. Follow the instructions supplied in order to enjoy your beautiful and functional Stonhard flooring.

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