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Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution

Stonclad; if you need your floor to fulfil the very highest requirements

For heavy - duty industrial applications

Stonclad floors are exceptionally strong in the most challenging industrial conditions.

Save on maintenance

Chemically resistant, low - maintenance floors that can cope with point - loading, need very little maintenance and offer long - term quality.

Resistant to high temperatures

Special applications make the floors anti - static and resistant to high temperatures.

Diversity and performance under the most demanding industrial conditions.

Available in the following colours

Customised colours can be created upon request



brick red
desert tan
reef green
silver gray
steel gray
teal blue


Stonclad is not only strong, but also has the following properties;
stonhard wearingresitant, resistant to impactloads, chemicalresistance, low - maintenance, anti - static, heat resistant, impermeability, easy to clean, anti - slip, representative, impact resistant, seamless, stain - resistant, extremely durable, dust - free finish, shock resistant, fire retardant , crack resistant, short installationtime, resistant to mechanicalwear and tear, uv resistant, bridging cracks (or crack bridging...), resists mechanicalwear and tear, gmp, haccp en pbv.


Stonclad is suitable for a range of applications, such as use in the;
pharmaceuticalindustry, paper andcardboard, metal/automotive, food industry, chemical industry, gmp, haccp en pbv.

Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution
Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution
Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution
Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution
Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution
Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution
Stonclad the epoxy and polyurethane heavy - duty flooring solution

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Product types Stonclad

Stonclad GS

An industrialfloor for general applications. Resistant to heavy impact and point loading,with high general and excellent chemical resistance.
More about Stonclad GS

Stonclad GR

"Green" epoxymortar floor for general applications with the same properties as Stonclad GS.
More about Stonclad GR

Stonclad G2

Urethane mortarsystem in which recycled glass is incorporated and which is specificallycreated for the food and drink industry.
More about Stonclad G2

Stonclad HT

Updated epoxycomposition provides superior chemical resistance and hard - wearing qualities underconstant temperatures of up to 93°C (up to 122°C during temporary exposure).
More about Stonclad HT

Stonclad UR

Polyurethanemortar system that is especially designed for rapid installation in thefoodstuffs industry.
More about Stonclad UR

Stonclad XP

Conductingelements worked into epoxy resin create an electrostatically controlled,spark - free floor that can nevertheless cope with heavy - duty manual wear.
More about Stonclad XP

Stonclad UT

Polyurethaneanti - slip mortar flooring system, developed in order to cope with thermalshocks/thermal cycles. Can be installed on a damp subsurface and during lowtemperatures (min. 2°C).
More about Stonclad UT

Stonclad UL

Polyurethane floorprotection for dry production floors with heavy wear and tear. These floors arechemically resistant, hard - wearing and can cope with point - loading.
More about Stonclad UL

Stonshield HRI

A durable flooringsystem with maximum roughness and a beautiful appearance, which is also easy toclean.
More about Stonshield HRI

Stonshield SLT

An alternative forStonshield HRI, for light to medium wear and tear.
More about Stonshield SLT

Stonshield Xpress

An MMA - resin basedsystem with excellent chemical resistance and durability, moderate anti - slip propertiesand rapid installation time.
More about Stonshield Xpress

Stonshield URT

Anti - slip, floatedpolyurethane mortar system that can be installed quickly with minimal odorissues.
More about Stonshield URT

Stonshield ATS

An anti - slip andstatic conductive flooring system for rooms with AGVs, spaces in whichelectronic components are assembled, transport paths and storage areas forESD - sensitive components.
More about Stonshield ATS

Stonshield UTS

A polyurethanemortar system, anti - slip as a result of Stonshield quartz sand.
More about Stonshield UTS

Stonblend GSI

Blended quartzsand contained within a clear epoxy creates an eye - catching pattern. Alow - maintenance alternative to terrazzo.
More about Stonblend GSI

Stonblend GSI - G

A stain - resistantand hard - wearing epoxy mortar system which contains recycled glass that remainsvisible and which provides an ecologically responsible floor with highaesthetic added value.
More about Stonblend GSI - G

Stonblend HDF

Stonblend HDF is aheavier - duty version of Stonblend GSI for areas which encounter very heavy - dutywear and tear; it retains the decorative finish that Stonblend is known for.
More about Stonblend HDF

Stonres RTZ

Rubber additionalmaterials and a flexible polyurethane resin create an ergonomic,noise - reducing, decorative floor.
More about Stonres RTZ

Stonres RTX

Ergonomic,resilient and noise - reducing floor where depth and colour balance one anotherand effortlessly create a fibrous pattern.
More about Stonres RTX

Stonres NVL

A noise - reducing,ergonomic and stain - resistant floor and an extraordinarily good alternative tovinyl and carpet.
More about Stonres NVL

Stonres STR

Ergonomic,resilient and noise - reducing polyurethane floor in a mono - colour and mattefinish.
More about Stonres STR

Stontec ERF

A 100%solvent - free epoxy resin based system with a decorative appearance and satinfinish.
More about Stontec ERF

Stontec UTF

A 100%solvent - free polyurethane resin based system with a decorative appearance andgloss finish.
More about Stontec UTF

Stontec Xpress

This MMA - resinbased system is stain - resistant, has high chemical resistance and durability, correspondsto rapid installation times and has a satin finish.
More about Stontec Xpress

Stontec TRF

A mortar - basedurethane system with minimum installation time. Designed for maximum durabilityand impact - resistance.
More about Stontec TRF

Stonlux SL

A satin pouredfloor for general applications, available in 2 mm and 3 mm variant, dependingon user - conditions.
More about Stonlux SL

Stonlux AT

Stonlux At is apermanent electrostatically controlled floor finish and is available in twothicknesses.
More about Stonlux AT

Stonlok XLS

Flexible floorsystem with x - shape connection that guarantees a durable, safe workingenvironment which is very hard wearing and has excellent chemical resistance. Quickand easy to install.
More about Stonlok XLS

Stonlok MAT

Ergonomic and safematte system with an open structure which drains off liquids and keeps theworking environment dry and safe.
More about Stonlok MAT

Stonlok ERG

Flexible mattesystem which incorporates round bumps that provide perfect stability for full - footwear and tear.
More about Stonlok ERG

Stongard TM

Durable systemthat is designed for spaces (including inclines) with very intensive pedestrianand vehicle traffic.
More about Stongard TM

Stongard MR

Protects machineryrooms from water damage.
More about Stongard MR

Stongard MD

Stylish waterproofanti - slip system for machinery rooms, intermediate floors for pumps.
More about Stongard MD

Stongard MX

Strong, durable,waterproof top layer reinforced with glass fibre. For rooms that require amoisture - repellent coating.
More about Stongard MX

Stonchem 300

Stonchem 300 isdesigned to protect concrete subsurfaces from a wide range of chemicals.
More about Stonchem 300

Stonchem 400

Stonchem 400 theflexible protective membrane
More about Stonchem 400

Stonchem 500

Stonchem 500protects against thermal cycles
More about Stonchem 500

Stonchem 600

Stonchem 600resistant to extreme conditions
More about Stonchem 600

Stonchem 700

Stonchem 700resistant to oxidising chemicals
More about Stonchem 700

Stonchem 800

Stonchem 800 veryversatile lining
More about Stonchem 800