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Introduction Stonclad UL

Research has shown that there is huge demand within thefood industry for a durable floor finish in combination with rapid installationtimes in a dry area.

The cause of this demand? Food companies are often involved in production 365 days of theyear; the floor is subject to a great deal of chemical wear and tear, such asanimal fats, sugars, acids, etc. The floors must be liquid - proof and mustfulfil hygiene standards as set both internally and externally.

In order to meet this demand, Stonclad is proud tointroduce its Stonclad UL flooring system.

Stonclad UL is a top quality polyurethane mortar systemthat is applied in thicknesses of 3 to 6 mm.
Once cured over one day, the Stonclad UL has a smooth,matte finish which naturally gives good anti - slip properties. Stonclad UL is therefore very wearingresistant, impact - resistant and able to cope with high chemical impact.
The system is based on urethane - urea chemicals thatoffer superb resistance to organic acid wear, such as acetic acid, citric acidand other nutritional acids and fats.
The floor system is also impermeable and can beinstalled in two days, allowing food processing, manufacturing and other "quickturn" industrial settings to be up and running on their new Stonhard floor indouble quick time.

Stonhard UL: Quick installation time; Resistant to heavy duty chemical wear;non - wearing; Hygienic, impermeable; Durable; Low - maintenance.

Stonclad UL is available in 9 standard colours.

Stonhard is serving the food industry!

With kind regards,

Sander van Laerhoven
Field Engineer

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