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Case historystonglaze wall system

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We regularly and successfully apply our Stonglaze wallsystem in the food sector.

On this occasion it involved a company that specialises inprocessing and producing snacks in Brabant.

This company’s employees work towards the future in aprofessional and quality focussed manner at five locations. They take care of the development,production and sales of deep - freeze snacks and meal components for the retailand wholesale consumer sector in Europe.

A few months before work began on installation, we applieda sample in the company so that the customer could see what the ultimate finishwould look like.


The old walls in the cooking department were in bad order. Various tiles had come loose as a result ofmoisture getting behind them due to years of washing. The walls no longer fulfilled the requirements that are set today,within this type of production process.

Client’s requirements

The client needed the walls to fulfil current requirements includingminimal seams and waterproofing. There was also a need for a fresh appearance.


The solution that was created, after numerous meetings withthe company, was the watertight wall system Stonglaze VSC. The Stonglaze VSC system is watertight,easy to clean as a result of not having any seams and also provides a freshappearance.


In consultation with the client, an installation durationof 10 days (including weekend) was agreed. Once the installation team had been thoroughly briefed, work startedwith low - dust sanding of the tiled wall until the glaze of the tile had beenremoved. The individual tileswere then removed. After thetiled wall had been prepared, Stonhard applied adhesive Standard Primer. The walls were then levelled with StonglazeVSM mortar in order to create a completely seamless finish. Once the mortar had dried, the StonglazeVSC finish was applied in two coats.

Satisfied customer

In order to minimise loss of turnover, it was extremelyimportant for the client that this project took up a maximum of 10 days. This was one of the conditions that theclient had set at the beginning. By making clear agreements in advance, we were able to deliver theproject in the agreed time. Alongsidea well planned and continuous installation, the walls now look amazing andfulfil all hygiene standards set by both the client and the approval body.


Voor de behandeling


Rough, crumbling wall with tiles and stones.

  Na de behandeling


Even, smooth and easy to clean walls.

Voor de behandeling


Uneven walls with two structures.

  Na de behandeling


Smooth wall with one structure.

Stonglaze product page

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