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Stonhard and the environment

Our flooring systems have always been sustainable so the term is nothing new for us.

A Stonhard floor will never end up in the waste - flow because our floors can be repaired and maintained without the existing flooring having to be removed. Seamless, resin - bound floors thus become one with the structure of the building. That is what sustainability is all about.

Sustainability is our commitment to thinking further than the here - and - now with regard to our environment.

A few of the sustainability aspects of a Stonhard flooring solution

• Our unique packaging method prevents over 4.8 million buckets and cans being dumped on the waste mountain each year.

• Since 2005, Stonhard has been ensuring that 95% of returned materials are recycled.

• Stonhard has eliminated the use of heavy metals inaggregates and realised around 90% of new product developments and reformulations over the past few years with water - based urethane products or 100% solvent - free components.

• Seamless, easy to clean and wax - free finishes need less water and fewer chemicals in order to be cleaned effectively.

• Stonhard uses and processes waste glass in several ofits flooring systems in order to reduce waste.

Sustainability for all employees

Stonhard’s mission to protect the environment and reduce pollution is borne out by all of our employees, both from an individual and organisational viewpoint.


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