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The right system for the right environment

Every floor has its own properties and that is why one type of flooring is more suitable for your needs than another type.

Advice from our experts

Our Territory Managers can help you find the right system for the right environment. We analyse your needs and offer you the floor that suits your location. Relevant conditions, details and everyday design are all a natural part of this process.


Chemical and thermal resistance, wear - and - tear resistance, anti - slip, ergonomic, anti - static, noise - reducing, corrosion - resistant. Floors for every environment.


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Stonhard wearingresitant

More about Stonhard wearingresitant.

Stonhard isresistant to impact loading

Resistant to impactloads

Stonhard isresistant to impact loading.
More about Resistant to impactloads.

Stonhard chemicalresistant


Stonhard chemicalresistant.
More about Chemicalresistance.

Stonhardlow - maintenance

Low - maintenance

Stonhardlow - maintenance.
More about Low - maintenance.

Stonhard durable


Stonhard durable.
More about Durable .

Stonhardanti - static

Anti - static

Stonhardanti - static.
More about Anti - static.

Stonhard heatresistant

Heat resistant

Stonhard heatresistant.
More about Heat resistant.



More about Impermeability.

Stonhard easy toclean

Easy to clean

Stonhard easy toclean.
More about Easy to clean.

Stonhard anti - slip

Anti - slip

Stonhard anti - slip.
More about Anti - slip.

Representativeflooring solutions


Representativeflooring solutions.
More about Representative.

Stonhardimpact - resistant

Impact resistant

Stonhardimpact - resistant.
More about Impact resistant.

Stonhard seamlessfloor finishes


Stonhard seamlessfloor finishes.
More about Seamless.

Stonhard elastic


Stonhard elastic.
More about Elastic.

Contributestowards sound resilience

Sound resilient

Contributestowards sound resilience.
More about Sound resilient.



More about Design.

Stain - resistant

Stain - resistant

Stain - resistant.
More about Stain - resistant.

Extremely durable

Extremely durable

Extremely durable.
More about Extremely durable.

Ultra smooth

Ultra smooth

Ultra smooth.
More about Ultra smooth.

Dust - free finish

Dust - free finish

Dust - free finish.
More about Dust - free finish.

Shock resistant

Shock resistant

Shock resistant.
More about Shock resistant.

Fire retardant

Fire retardant 

Fire retardant.
More about Fire retardant .

Crack resitant

Crack resistant

Crack resitant.
More about Crack resistant.

Short installationtime

Short installationtime

Short installationtime.
More about Short installationtime.



More about Elastic.



More about Versatile.

Resistant tomechanical wear and tear

Resistant to mechanicalwear and tear

Resistant tomechanical wear and tear.
More about Resistant to mechanicalwear and tear.

UV resistant

UV resistant

UV resistant.
More about UV resistant.

Bridging cracks

Bridging cracks (or crack bridging...)

Bridging cracks.
More about Bridging cracks (or crack bridging...).

Resists mechanicalwear and tear

Resists mechanicalwear and tear

Resists mechanicalwear and tear.
More about Resists mechanicalwear and tear.

Stonhard floor: GoodManufacturing Practices


Stonhard floor: GoodManufacturing Practices.
More about GMP.

Stonhard floor: HACCP - systems


Stonhard floor: HACCP - systems.
More about HACCP.

Plan GroundProtection Provisions (PBV)


Plan GroundProtection Provisions (PBV).
More about PBV.