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Stonhard poured floors

Stonhard has various poured floors in its range.

We can provide no - obligation advice depending on yoursituation.

What is a poured floor?

A poured floor is a self - levelling floor emulsion that ispoured over a prepared subsurface.

Stonhard uses both epoxy and polyurethane (PU) pouredfloors.

Within industry, Stonhard epoxy poured floors tend to beused as a result of chemical resistance to substances such as acids.

The Stonhard PU poured floor is primarily applied in gymhalls, public spaces and offices. A Stonhard PU poured floor is elastic, resilient and is available inpractically every colour.


The fact that a poured floor is poured seamlessly meansthat the system is very easy to clean. A smooth surface is beneficial in terms of hygiene, particularly inthe pharmaceutical and food industries. Poured floors are also used a great deal in laboratories and testingareas.


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