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The undisputed market leader in high quality flooring systems for 90 years

Our extensive practical experience within the sphere of polymer flooring systems has led to a wide and varied range.

Unique properties

Unique properties mean that each product offers a flooring solution. From design to resistance for a range of conditions.

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Stonclad floors are exceptionally strong


Stonclad floors are exceptionally strong.
More about Stonclad.

Stonshield - anti - slip but still cleanable


Stonshield - anti - slip but still cleanable.
More about Stonshield.

Stonblenddecorative and sustainable.


Stonblenddecorative and sustainable..
More about Stonblend.

Stonres innovative


Stonres innovative.
More about Stonres.

Stontec decorativewith rapid installation times


Stontec decorativewith rapid installation times.
More about Stontec.

Stonlux epoxy with the advantages of a poured floor


Stonlux epoxy with the advantages of a poured floor.
More about Stonlux.

Stongardwaterproof membrane


Stongardwaterproof membrane.
More about Stongard.

Stonlok versatile flexible tiles


Stonlok versatile flexible tiles.
More about Stonlok.

Stonkleen low - foamrapid cleaner


Stonkleen low - foamrapid cleaner.
More about Stonkleen.

For extreme chemical and physical conditions


For extreme chemical and physical conditions.
More about Stonchem.

Stonglaze wallsystems


Stonglaze wallsystems.
More about Stonglaze.

Supplementary products with Stonhard quality


Supplementary products with Stonhard quality.
More about Supplementaryproducts.